Recap — Bitcoin&Altcoin Türkiye AMA Session with DeCredit

  1. Advocating the close connection between users, it is committed to breaking the cold transaction mode of DeFi1.0, hoping that users can establish close horizontal connections while forming strong vertical links.
  2. Let the entire ecology explode with more vitality and driving force, so as to always keep the liquid mining pools sufficiently active to participate.
  3. The ecological governance and decision-making rights are given to community members. All decisions are made by all members. Community members do not simply rely on enthusiasm and interest to participate in community activities. All members are stakeholders and communities, so that all members have a source of participation and truly realize decentralized governance.
  4. Only provide decentralized financial services. Numerous decentralized financial innovations will be born here, which will attract global geeks to complete technological innovation ideas here, and burst out more high-quality financial projects. Innovations in any narrow field will have unlimited imagination.




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Bitcoin&Altcoin Türkiye

Bitcoin&Altcoin Türkiye

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